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Irene: Seriously we are good friends now and on them I trust

I have a strong mongrel dog KingKong, he is a handsome strong man who has a lot of will to dominate as an alpha male. Even with this level of love, walking KingKong is really a tough job because of his personality, ling legs and powerful drags, I was quite worried when I first handover the leash to JJ, a slim girls. What came back from them had totally blown me away - she recorded KingKong's poo frequency, how much snacks were given etc, she even don't mind other add on requests such as watering my plants and she had given me a sweet gift for watering afterwards! Seriously we are good friends now and on them I trust.

Wei: I know i can trust her with all future walks!

My doggie Dumpling is a super playful and energetic little thing, and i was a bit worried before their first walk, esp in a busy area like Causeway Bay. JJ keeps sending picture of their walks to me in which i saw that Dumpling is behaving very well and had lots of fun, I know i can trust her with all future walks!

By the way, thanks a lot JJ for taking Dumpling to swim and bath him, he love that! 

Annie: Tons of patience and dedication

The dogs i asked JJ for help are stray dogs rescued that are looking for permanent homes. These dogs have never been leached and are all very nervous, scared and tend to run in all directions or afraid of stairs. JJ has accomplished such harsh tasks by tons of patience and dedication.

She trains my dogs to get familiar with people, cars, and other things in the outside busy world, the dogs can thus behave well in the early settle down period in their new homes. JJ is really a loving angels that helped these stray dogs finding and living better lives.

Celin: Just look at my dogs you will know how good she is

Just look at my dogs you will know how good she is. Dogs feels and reacts to those care about them. JJ does not treat dogs as a means to earn money but a way to help a friend( the fee is really cheap!). JJ is patient, loving, vigilant (to prevent dogs fighting), very experienced (she has lots of experience handling over active or nervous doggies), good EQ (esp in dealing with those unreasonable road users), she will not spoil the doggies but teach them with gentleness and affection.

I have no worries at all to have her take care of my 3 doggies and 2 cats during my trip away from HK for 3 months last year

Cherie: It is what we called professional

For several times my foster duty clashed with travel plan, like previous one with FaFa who had very bad wee-wee habit, JJ helped me take care of her during my trip. She recorded every detail of FaFa's daily behavior and habits which become valuable information for me to continue fostering.

Recently i need to travel again and JJ helped me take care of FaFa and Tong Tong together, they both walk badly but JJ was able to manage well and the babies are really having fun, then I realised it is what we called professional, i learned a lot from her. I trust her with my babies.

Rachel: Appreciate their amazing care

'Heaps of big THANKS to pretty JJ. Appreciate their amazing care of my dearest babes, BCB (Bella, Cassie and BB). They provide extraordinary care and show excellent leadership to manage my three dogs of very different temperaments.

It is always good to receive photos and updates from JJ every time they walk, knowing that my BCB (Bella, Cassie and BB) are in good hands and well-taken. These two ladies are absolutely trustworthy! What makes them different from other dog walkers is they do not just give potty breaks and walks, but Tender Love and Care. Wonderful job! It is such a gift to have you helping me out! Many thanks again !

Mabel Ng: Patience and love

My golden retriever Gosco is hard to walk as he is not friendly to dogs and people and bark vigorously. However JJ has been absolutely professional who can lead Gosco to behave well but at the same time show him patience and love. I remember one time i saw her brought along a foster dog to our dogs gathering at Shek O, in which she paid 100% attention to the dog even without taking any personal rest herself throughout the whole gathering. My husband and i were very impressed by her dedication and i can see from her the true passion towards dogs? We do not think we can possibly find anyone else as trust-worthy as JJ, particularly when my baby Gosco love her very much! Thank u JJ!

One more point to add, we appreciated the flexilities and coverage of your service so much, from full day, half-day, home stay or just dog walking. Thanks also for providing us the helps in previous emergency situations. Now i can pass you the door key and enjoy a good trip with my family any time!